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Become a trendsetter and try the new OTie

We strive to bring you the latest and most innovative product solutions that can be combined with the latest trend and complement the time-honoured ways of wearing bow ties. Hand-tying cross ties and hooking them into eyelets was yesterday…and even breathing is now easier again! We have found a solution to this problem for you. No more tedious hooking of hooks and eyes, no more complicated and sweaty bow tie tying and also no more breathing – because something is strangling your throat!

As a woman or a man, you can use the “OTie” flexibly and wear your accessory neckless, which is a revolutionary innovation and offers you more freedom in designing your own fashion.

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Wear bow tie neckless

At “7OceanTies”, the bow tie is now worn on the button. It no longer matters whether you wear it “conventionally” on the first button of your blouse or shirt, or “innovatively casual” on the second top button of the garment’s button placket or wherever – let us surprise you!

We contribute to the individual fashion understanding of every single person and do not want to set any limits with the “OTie”. The neckless fastening gives you more freedom to create your own individual fashion style and to use your lifestyle accessory flexibly. Nevertheless, the safety instructions must be observed. Depending on the occasion and situation, it is possible to use the “OTie” in a way that makes both man and woman feel comfortable!

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Revolutionary Beachware Summer Trends with Leather Bow Ties from 7OceanTies

We combine fashion with technology for you.

Whether you’re female or male, you’ll always be on trend with our innovative Neclo or OTie fastening solutions. We hope you enjoy our lifestyle accessories from “7OceanTies”.

Become a trendsetter and find your own innovative fashion style…


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