Silk bow tie set

Accessories-Silk bow tie set (double)



  • Clasp type: without closure OTie
  • Design: Silk bow ties D3 butterfly selectable from our silk collection
  • Novelty: the bow ties are worn with the clasp OTie on the shirt button and can thus be easily changed or exchanged
  • Processing: handmade, padded and sewn
  • Closure: no closure is supplied with the silk bow tie set
  • Size bow ties: approx. 10 x 6 cm (slight deviations possible due to handwork)
  • Weight: silk bow ties approx. 16g
  • Weight: bow ties with gift box ca. 100g
  • Note: Pictures may vary slightly from the original due to the handmade nature and uniqueness of the product
  • Safety instructions must be observed - unsuitable for persons with pacemakers
  • Product care
Buy a silk bow tie set as an accessory to easily change or swap your bow ties depending on your fashion style. Choose two bow ties from our existing silk collection and create your own customized set. Please note that the bow ties of the set are delivered without closure.
Select first bow tie from silk collection (pictures shown with closure OTie)
Select second bow tie from silk collection (pictures shown with closure OTie)
Add your customized bow tie set to the shopping cart. The closure OTie is not included in this set!
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