Luxury and lifestyle accessories

The need for luxurious lifestyle accessories for people

People have always striven for self-realization. In order to be able to realize oneself in the fashion world and to develop one’s own fashion style, it is not seldom necessary to have high financial resources. Often, especially material goods are reserved for those who have a high regular income. Even if in the past luxury had a different value, it is still a big issue today.

Whoever cannot buy a 20 room villa today, still wants to show his fellow men what he has. He wants to discover and realise himself, to be able to express himself and leave a lasting impression on society. These can be various material goods such as cars, real estate, lifestyle gadgets, expensive accessories and fashion. In this context, the topic of fashion has a particularly high priority. Outfit and look have to be right every day, here the sentence still applies today – clothes make the man! It’s all about who wears expensive products from Gucci, Chanel, Hermes & Co and follows current trends. The price of the outfits usually plays only a minor role, if you have enough change. Exclusive brand names, special materials, unique cuts – the fashion labels of the “Haute Couture” show it. It is similar with luxury lifestyle accessories such as handbags by Louis Vuitton, watches by Rolex, scarves by Burberry or earrings and jewellery by Cartier. This whole range of products also works in an urban look or sporty with Nike & Co.

Stand out from the crowd with accessories – be unique

Where this can lead to, you can quickly see – once you are at a wedding and everyone is walking around in dresses and suits from Hugo Boss, Armani and Dior, you may have proved that you can afford something more expensive, but it is questionable whether you have achieved your real goal – to stand out, be unique and stand out from the crowd. This is exactly where accessories come into play. Everyone knows the usual suspects, such as belts with striking buckles from Gucci or Hermes, watches from Rolex or Patek Philippe or scarves and foulards from Louis Vuitton. So the question arises, why not a new accessory?

An accessory that combines and embodies all the important themes of today’s society, such as luxury, lifestyle, uniqueness, inimitability, individuality and sustainability – is in the flies of “7OceanTies”. Leave the boring tie, which at best is already worn daily at work but has gone out of fashion, at home and switch to the accessory bow tie. Discover a new “look and feel”, a new favourite. A tried and tested classic, timeless, luxurious – which is always associated with a high lifestyle, whether urban or noble. Attract attention with accessories? Good. Attract attention with unique accessories every day, with every outfit? Even better.

What makes an accessory unique?

Since very few of us design and manufacture all our clothes ourselves, it is always possible to meet someone who wears the same. If it is not the same article, it is at least the same colour, pattern or cut. Accessories can make the difference. Accessories can make the most boring outfit look exciting, give it a personal touch. What many women can make up for with watches, jewellery, earrings, bags, belts, shoes, scarves and make-up in a wide variety of outfits, men can do less, as there is only a limited range of creative options available to them. Sure, there is also jewellery like watches and other accessories, but if you want to stand out classically and with style, you have to go for old familiar horses and reinvent them. Once the favourites have been discovered, the look is fixed. For example, with new materials such as fish leather, linen, cowhide, silk, velvet, etc., further trends can be discovered.

Accessory Pieces

A new trend would be if the newly acquired accessory could not only be worn at gala parties or while gambling in Las Vegas, but could also be used in everyday life. A luxury and lifestyle accessory should be able to be combined in a versatile way without much effort! An accessory that fits every fashion style and fashion outlook should also be wearable and usable in different ways every day. It should fit all occasions and always radiate. Accessory shopping made easy, basically many accessories are available in “one size fits all”. Discover your new favourites today for every outfit and every day. Unique, inimitably individual, luxurious, special, new, high quality – these are the bow ties of “7OceanTies”. Discover ladies and gentlemen accessories. Be curious about our new trends with different materials at a new price. Our accessory pieces for every “look and feel” – from urban to glamorous, for men and women – to make every day special and unique.

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