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Why bow ties from 7OceanTies

Do you enjoy beautiful fashion and are you looking for unique products for your own fashion style? It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, with our handmade bow ties made of fish leather or silk you will always be on trend. Do you know the problem with conventional bow tie fastenings, with the tedious putting on of the product? We solve this problem for you quite simply by equipping our lifestyle products with a new type of fastening solution that satisfactorily facilitates the handling of our products. We therefore use two types of accessory closure – the Neclo – which closes our products around the neck and – the OTie – which closes our products neckless.

You can use the “OTie” flexibly as a woman or man and wear the accessory neckless, which is also a revolutionary innovation!

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The OTie is available in these versions

1. For ladies or gentlemen
The «OTie» is different for women and men because their button bands are designed differently.

2. High gloss polished or unpolished
You can buy the «OTie» exclusively in a high gloss polished or in a cheaper unpolished version. Both versions are suitable for men and women and differ only in the high gloss polish.

3. OTie Unisex
The «OTie Unisex» is suitable for ladies and gentlemen and can only be used for casual-outstanding wear. You have to sew on a button yourself.

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Why fish leather

Fish leather is still a rare type of leather today compared to other types of leather, since the skin surfaces are usually very small and the cost of large areas to be processed, consuming. The fiber structure of fish leather is laid across one another, which in other types of leather such as e.g. cowhide parallel is the case. Therefore, this type of leather is considered to be particularly tear-resistant when comparing the same leather strengths with each other. Fish leather guarantees excellent product properties such as high durable comfort with low abrasion, they are lightweight yet tear-resistant, thin yet robust.

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Sustainable use

The innovative tanning methods and a strict control system guarantee a steady and long-lasting value in the quality of the fish leather. There are no fish killed only for the leather, because the skin is a by-product of the food industry. For instance, for the selection of the salmon skins, only animals originating from aquacultures with species-appropriate husbandry and certified organic salmon farms are used. We can also use fish leather which e.g. accidentally got into fishing nets of the fishing industry. If this is the case, we comply with the international conservation agreement in accordance with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

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Production in Paris

The fashionable design and refinement of our fishleader products is preserved through an exceptional traditional expertise since 1895, dedicated exclusively to hand-crafted leatherworking. The studio has extended its approach to all aspects of leather, such as contemporary design, fashion and haute couture, leather goods, bookbinding, leatherwork for home textiles and the decoration of leather, as well as restoration and reproduction of leather.
For many years, the Parisian studio, due to its reputation, has been able to meet the demanding needs of clients on all five continents. These include collectors, big companies in the luxury sector and a new generation of creatives, designers and fans who share the same values.

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To ensure that you will enjoy your new product for a long time, we have carefully placed some safety information here to ensure the safe handling and use, especially with regard to the closure solution, and to ensure:

Due to the tanning process of the fish skins, our products are odorless and usually smell of leather as a result of subsequent leather processing.

We source the fish leather to be processed from the tanneries and producers from Germany, France and Iceland. The leather is then further processed in Paris, and afterwards the handcrafted lifestyle products are created according to our ideas, specifications and designs.

The product in conjunction with an OTie closure is not suitable for persons with a pacemaker. In this regard, our safety instructions must be observed in particular.

In order to be able to use the “OTie” for innovative-casual wear (on the second top button of a blouse or shirt), you must tell us whether you are female or male and whether you would like to order the OTie polished or unpolished. You will find this option after clicking on a silk bow tie. You can then select a corresponding option.

In order to be able to use the “OTie” for the conventional way of wearing (on the top button of a shirt or blouse), you must tell us whether you are female or male and whether you would like to order the OTie polished or unpolished. You will find this option after clicking on a silk bow tie. You can then select a corresponding option.

The “OTie Unisex” can only be used for casual-outstanding wear. It is suitable for both men and women and can be ordered in polished or unpolished versions. If you decide on an “OTie Unisex”, you must sew a suitable button onto the garment of your choice.

Here you can find out how to handle and attach your new accessory correctly

Product care leather bow ties

The regular care of the leather ensures lasting durability. Depending on the finishing, the leather can be cleaned with a soft brush or a dry piece of cloth.

Product care OTie and silk bow tie

The polished OTie should be carefully cleaned with an eyeglass cloth or a microfibre cloth. Then no scratches will remain on the OTie. Silk is a gossamer luxury item and wants to be treated as such; stain removers are taboo.

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