How do you tie a bow tie?

Bow ties and their closure solutions

The bow tie – an accessory with tradition that can and even should be easily combined with modern fashion. But how do you close a bow tie correctly? Do you have to tie it up or is it easier? Why everyone today knows how to tie a tie but not a bow tie, is astonishing.

So it is agreed that cross ties with fasteners have a legitimate place in the market. Nowadays many bow ties are designed in such a way – in contrast to ties – that they practically only have to be put on. And where is the tradition and history?

The return of the bow tie – with and without tying

A bow tie is no longer old-fashioned. Of course bow ties can still be worn classically with a tuxedo. Often the bow tie is even part of the dress code. But the man, and even the woman of today, can wear the bow tie with modern fashion trends, fashion and sportiness, the bow tie fits every dress code.

A quick glance at the catwalks in Milan and Paris is enough. The bow tie has returned. The bow tie is embodied and presented in all imaginable shapes and styles. Quasi one cross tie per dress code. From the classic black version, to a combination with a casual suit, to a combination with blue jeans. It is easy to see that this “accessory believed dead” can enhance almost any outfit and can give an inimitable, unique and individual character.

Tie up a bow tie – no thanks, I prefer a clasp

The bow ties are often provided with a plastic fastener. They are often equipped with a hook and eye. The hook fixes the length of the bow tie. Once the bow tie is around the neck, you can simply close the loop, fold down the shirt collar and you are done.

Sounds simple but never worked like that? If you have ever tried to tie a bow tie and want to close it quickly, you know that it is not that easy, simple and fast…

Alternative: tying a bow tie by hand?

Sure, tying the bow tie yourself is an alternative. But to be honest, it neither saves time nor is it a cheaper alternative. In addition, it is not even that easy to tie a bow tie. It is not without reason that a lot of information and step-by-step instructions are published on the net. Even the length and pulling of the loop is significant. So tying a bow tie is by no means easy, because the correct laying of the sides is important – well understood at the neck and in front of the mirror! So everything is still wrong and if you have rummaged through thousands of pages in the internet, all instructions are step-by-step executed and finally a knot is tied – this is how the bow tie looks at the first attempt certainly not ready for execution. And so the cycle is repeated with a new instruction for tying a bow tie by hand.

The solution to the problem of tying bow ties

Tying bow ties by hand or chopping in eyelets was yesterday – we at «7OceanTies» have found a solution to the problem. No more tedious hacking in of hoes and eyelets, no more complicated and sweaty bow tie tying. For optimum closure of bow ties, “7OceanTies” has developed a novel and protected closure solution. Easy handling and guaranteed wearing comfort for the wearer and for our customers in everyday life is guaranteed. No more putting on or tying a sweaty bow tie. Thanks to the new and unique magnetic closure, anyone can now put the bow tie around their neck and close it on the first try.

At “7OceanTies” we strive to offer the latest and most innovative product solutions for our customers, all in combination with the latest trends in the fashion industry. For our lifestyle accessories only the best! Look forward to our new collections and closure solutions – together for the fashion trend bow tie, maybe you’ll soon be wearing the bow tie further down the line?

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