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To wear the “OTie” conventionally, attach it to the top button of your shirt or blouse. If you only want to take a limited breath, close the top button of the shirt or blouse and attach the “OTie” there. Once the “OTie” is attached to the button of the garment, you can easily change different coloured bow ties and wear them according to your fashionable outfit.

We have created a video for you in which you will find instructions on how to attach the “OTie” conventionally to the top button of a shirt or blouse. It has never been so easy to adapt bow ties to your individual outfit!

How you can quickly adapt your new accessory to your outfit, you can find here

For the “innovative-casual” outfit, there are the different versions for women and men, as well as highly polished or unpolished.

If you want to wear the “OTie” in an innovative-casual way in everyday life and for every occasion, you can attach it to the second top button of your blouse or shirt, for example. When you wear the “OTie” like this, your neck remains free and you can breathe again and feel better! Once you have fastened the “OTie” to the button, you can easily change different coloured bow ties and wear them according to your fashionable outfit.

We have created a video for you in which you will find instructions on how to attach the “OTie” innovative-casual to the second top button of your blouse or shirt. It has never been so easy and comfortable to adapt an exclusive accessory like the bow tie to your individual outfit and to breathe freely!

How you can quickly adapt your new accessory to your outfit, you can find here

For the “innovative-casual” outfit, there are the different versions for women and men, as well as highly polished or unpolished.

If you are a trendsetter, you can wear the “OTie” casual-outstanding on any button on your garment. To do this, you have to sew a button onto your garment to fix the “OTie Unisex” there. Once you have fixed the “OTie Unisex” to the button, you can easily change different coloured bow ties and wear them according to your fashionable outfit.

We have created a video for you in which you will find instructions on how to attach and wear the “OTie Unisex” in a trendsetting-casual way. It has probably never been possible before to adapt an exclusive accessory like the bow tie to your individual outfit in such a revolutionary way and still be able to breathe freely!

How you can quickly adapt your new accessory to your outfit, you can find here

If you want to choose this variant for your fashion style, you have to choose the “OTie” variant “unisex”. For the “casual-outstanding” outfit, there are different versions for women and men, as well as highly polished or unpolished available.

As this way of wearing is revolutionary and very rare, your friends will quickly recognise you as a trendsetter!

Bow ties and their closure solutions

The bow tie – an accessory with tradition that can and even should be easily combined with modern fashion. But how do you close a bow tie correctly? Do you have to tie it up or is it easier? Why everyone today knows how to tie a tie but not a bow tie, is astonishing.

So it is agreed that cross ties with fasteners have a legitimate place in the market. Nowadays many bow ties are designed in such a way – in contrast to ties – that they practically only have to be put on. And where is the tradition and history?

The return of the bow tie – with and without tying

A bow tie is no longer old-fashioned. Of course bow ties can still be worn classically with a tuxedo. Often the bow tie is even part of the dress code. But the man, and even the woman of today, can wear the bow tie with modern fashion trends, fashion and sportiness, the bow tie fits every dress code.

A quick glance at the catwalks in Milan and Paris is enough. The bow tie has returned. The bow tie is embodied and presented in all imaginable shapes and styles. Quasi one cross tie per dress code. From the classic black version, to a combination with a casual suit, to a combination with blue jeans. It is easy to see that this “accessory believed dead” can enhance almost any outfit and can give an inimitable, unique and individual character.

Tie up a bow tie – no thanks, I prefer a clasp

The bow ties are often provided with a plastic fastener. They are often equipped with a hook and eye. The hook fixes the length of the bow tie. Once the bow tie is around the neck, you can simply close the loop, fold down the shirt collar and you are done.

Sounds simple but never worked like that? If you have ever tried to tie a bow tie and want to close it quickly, you know that it is not that easy, simple and fast…

Alternative: tying a bow tie by hand?

Sure, tying the bow tie yourself is an alternative. But to be honest, it neither saves time nor is it a cheaper alternative. In addition, it is not even that easy to tie a bow tie. It is not without reason that a lot of information and step-by-step instructions are published on the net. Even the length and pulling of the loop is significant. So tying a bow tie is by no means easy, because the correct laying of the sides is important – well understood at the neck and in front of the mirror! So everything is still wrong and if you have rummaged through thousands of pages in the internet, all instructions are step-by-step executed and finally a knot is tied – this is how the bow tie looks at the first attempt certainly not ready for execution. And so the cycle is repeated with a new instruction for tying a bow tie by hand.

The solution to the problem of tying bow ties

Tying bow ties by hand or chopping in eyelets was yesterday – we at «7OceanTies» have found a solution to the problem. No more tedious hacking in of hoes and eyelets, no more complicated and sweaty bow tie tying. For optimum closure of bow ties, “7OceanTies” has developed a novel and protected closure solution. Easy handling and guaranteed wearing comfort for the wearer and for our customers in everyday life is guaranteed. No more putting on or tying a sweaty bow tie. Thanks to the new and unique magnetic closure, anyone can now put the bow tie around their neck and close it on the first try.

At “7OceanTies” we strive to offer the latest and most innovative product solutions for our customers, all in combination with the latest trends in the fashion industry. For our lifestyle accessories only the best! Look forward to our new collections and closure solutions – together for the fashion trend bow tie, maybe you’ll soon be wearing the bow tie further down the line?

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. This new topic is also receiving more and more attention in the fashion industry. What is the fashion industry already doing in terms of fair fashion, and what else can it do? Are there already labels where you can shop with a clear conscience? And what does “sustainable fashion” or sustainable fair fashion actually mean?

Fair Fashion, Fast and Slow Fashion

The term sustainable fashion or fair fashion is basically divided into slow and fast fashion. Fast Fashion describes the trend to the trend, garments are rather low in quality, so that one must replace them regularly. So it is mostly about short-lived and cheap fashion. Often no natural materials are used here, and often no information is given about this type of assortment.

With slow fashion, however, the individual items of clothing are more durable. High quality, classic design and the materials are the biggest attributes. They can be used for many years and can also give a lot of pleasure to the next owner as second-hand clothes. The behaviour of the consumer plays an important role here, because he can make a considerable contribution. The materials consist of natural fibres. A natural fibre is a natural fibre from plants, animals or minerals, such as cotton or fish leather. There, a distinction is usually still made between organic, fair trade and non-organic cotton. Some labels not only indicate “organic cotton” but also the country of production. So in many places today you can also see “Made in CH” or “Product from Switzerland” as well as “Swiss handicraft” etc. So if you already have to pay a higher price today, the choice of fair products is often greater. So every assortment in every shop is bigger in terms of fair fashion.

The aspects of sustainable fashion

What can you expect from Fair Fashion and what is the difference between it and the usual trends? Sustainability in the fashion industry can mean many things. The first point is the materials, so organic materials can be used in the textile industry or certain products can be recycled. So here, natural fibres count in the line. A second important aspect is fair production and manufacturing. For example, the workers in the factories must not only be fairly paid, they must also have hygienic workplaces and must not be exposed to toxic chemicals. Of course, fair working conditions such as working hours, protective clothing, compliance with the minimum age and social security also play a major role here. Low resource consumption of energy, water & co. is also an important component for a conscious fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion – the price difference

The above-mentioned arguments flow into the price, so the sales prices of products that take these points into account and comply with them are higher than those of others that save on quality and production costs. Fortunately, in our society there is an ever increasing rethinking in terms of fair fashion. After all, environmental protection and social justice and equality should not stop at shopping. So it’s only fair to give greater consideration to regions such as Switzerland and its surrounding countries. This strategy has an enormous impact on global supply chains, shipping to the customer and can thus strengthen local labels and brands.

What can I contribute to sustainability?

Buying cheap clothes, wearing them one to three times and disposing of them in regular garbage not only results in thousands of tons of waste, but would also give the most ecological garment in the world a negative ecological balance. In addition, the market will react with overproduction because the discarded garments will have to be replaced.

When shopping, therefore, look out for “Conscious collections” or different quality seals in the individual ranges. Before buying, ask yourself whether you can or would be able to wear the chosen article several times and whether it is of high quality. If there is no further information on the desired article, ask for advice when making your purchase. If you no longer wish to wear certain items of clothing or accessories, try selling them online or passing them on to friends and acquaintances. A high-quality fashion accessory or a classic garment will certainly find a new buyer. Donations also offer help for others nowadays. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Trendy accessories can often give a personal touch to classic basics. In addition, be careful with your clothes, because washing them too often can make them brittle and make them lose their colourfastness. The washing behaviour of each individual person also plays an important role in sustainability. If you often wash a few clothes with a lot of detergent, this is harmful to the environment. Save water, make sure that the machine does not run half empty and use biodegradable detergent. Support regional labels and brands, pay attention to article and shipping information, as well as ask for clarification if anything is unclear and give a product with a higher price a chance. This behaviour also saves a lot of space in the wardrobe.

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The need for luxurious lifestyle accessories for people

People have always striven for self-realization. In order to be able to realize oneself in the fashion world and to develop one’s own fashion style, it is not seldom necessary to have high financial resources. Often, especially material goods are reserved for those who have a high regular income. Even if in the past luxury had a different value, it is still a big issue today.

Whoever cannot buy a 20 room villa today, still wants to show his fellow men what he has. He wants to discover and realise himself, to be able to express himself and leave a lasting impression on society. These can be various material goods such as cars, real estate, lifestyle gadgets, expensive accessories and fashion. In this context, the topic of fashion has a particularly high priority. Outfit and look have to be right every day, here the sentence still applies today – clothes make the man! It’s all about who wears expensive products from Gucci, Chanel, Hermes & Co and follows current trends. The price of the outfits usually plays only a minor role, if you have enough change. Exclusive brand names, special materials, unique cuts – the fashion labels of the “Haute Couture” show it. It is similar with luxury lifestyle accessories such as handbags by Louis Vuitton, watches by Rolex, scarves by Burberry or earrings and jewellery by Cartier. This whole range of products also works in an urban look or sporty with Nike & Co.

Stand out from the crowd with accessories – be unique

Where this can lead to, you can quickly see – once you are at a wedding and everyone is walking around in dresses and suits from Hugo Boss, Armani and Dior, you may have proved that you can afford something more expensive, but it is questionable whether you have achieved your real goal – to stand out, be unique and stand out from the crowd. This is exactly where accessories come into play. Everyone knows the usual suspects, such as belts with striking buckles from Gucci or Hermes, watches from Rolex or Patek Philippe or scarves and foulards from Louis Vuitton. So the question arises, why not a new accessory?

An accessory that combines and embodies all the important themes of today’s society, such as luxury, lifestyle, uniqueness, inimitability, individuality and sustainability – is in the flies of “7OceanTies”. Leave the boring tie, which at best is already worn daily at work but has gone out of fashion, at home and switch to the accessory bow tie. Discover a new “look and feel”, a new favourite. A tried and tested classic, timeless, luxurious – which is always associated with a high lifestyle, whether urban or noble. Attract attention with accessories? Good. Attract attention with unique accessories every day, with every outfit? Even better.

What makes an accessory unique?

Since very few of us design and manufacture all our clothes ourselves, it is always possible to meet someone who wears the same. If it is not the same article, it is at least the same colour, pattern or cut. Accessories can make the difference. Accessories can make the most boring outfit look exciting, give it a personal touch. What many women can make up for with watches, jewellery, earrings, bags, belts, shoes, scarves and make-up in a wide variety of outfits, men can do less, as there is only a limited range of creative options available to them. Sure, there is also jewellery like watches and other accessories, but if you want to stand out classically and with style, you have to go for old familiar horses and reinvent them. Once the favourites have been discovered, the look is fixed. For example, with new materials such as fish leather, linen, cowhide, silk, velvet, etc., further trends can be discovered.

Accessory Pieces

A new trend would be if the newly acquired accessory could not only be worn at gala parties or while gambling in Las Vegas, but could also be used in everyday life. A luxury and lifestyle accessory should be able to be combined in a versatile way without much effort! An accessory that fits every fashion style and fashion outlook should also be wearable and usable in different ways every day. It should fit all occasions and always radiate. Accessory shopping made easy, basically many accessories are available in “one size fits all”. Discover your new favourites today for every outfit and every day. Unique, inimitably individual, luxurious, special, new, high quality – these are the bow ties of “7OceanTies”. Discover ladies and gentlemen accessories. Be curious about our new trends with different materials at a new price. Our accessory pieces for every “look and feel” – from urban to glamorous, for men and women – to make every day special and unique.

Unique accessories at 7OceanTies

The history of fish leather

Leather from fish skins is by no means a new product. The Nanai ethnic group, native to Eastern Siberia and the People’s Republic of China, traditionally lived exclusively from fishing and hunting years ago. For example, their clothing and tents were made of fish skins, which is why the Chinese called them “fish skin tartars”. In Europe, too, insoles and drive belts were already made of fish skin during the Second World War. Thus the processing of fish skin was known from time immemorial, but never had a major breakthrough as a processing material, as the skin areas are usually very small and the effort for large areas to be processed is costly.

Properties of the fish leather

The fibre structure of the leather in fish is laid crosswise on top of each other, which is parallel to other types of leather such as cowhide. This is why this type of leather is considered to be particularly tear-resistant when comparing leather of the same thickness. Leather raw hides of fish guarantee excellent product characteristics such as high long-lasting wearing comfort with low abrasion, they are slightly tear-resistant, thin and yet robust. The fish skins can be processed as single skins or sewn together for large areas.

The pigmented and characteristic image of the fish skin is retained after tanning, so that each leather skin is individual, resembles no other and is therefore inimitable. Fish leather is odourless and has no scales after processing. However, the characteristic structure depending on the type of fish is retained, making the fish products unique.

Fish leather today

The demand for fish leather products is growing every year. Today, however, fish are not killed just for the leather, but the skin is a by-product of the food industry. The fish skins are tanned with innovative tanning methods and then dyed. In this way, leather hides of different colours are produced, whereby each hide is unique. Today, accessories such as leather bow ties, watch straps, belts and bags, but also entire pieces of clothing or shoes are made of fish leather.

Production of fish-leather, a contribution to the protection of species?

Fish skin has an exotic “look and feel”, so it can certainly replace the skin of endangered reptiles. Fish skins are a by-product of the food and fishing industry, where they are considered a waste product. The animals come from aquacultures with species-appropriate husbandry from e.g. salmon farms and they can therefore contribute to the protection of reptile species such as exotic leathery species like snake, ostrich and alligator. Despite the high fish consumption of our society, fish leather is a niche product. There are still not many products and articles made of this material.

Salmon leather

Depending on the size of the salmon, the salmon skin is usually about 60cm long and between 10-20cm wide. The skins of salmon nowadays mostly come from breeding farms or aquacultures. The characteristics of salmon leather speak for themselves: light, flexible, thin and yet it has a higher strength than cow or calf leather. It is therefore very easy to process and is produced in many colours. The main area of application is in the fashion industry for luxury and lifestyle products. Salmon leather is used in lifestyle products such as leather bow ties, belts, watch straps, handbags and small items of clothing or footwear.

Wolffish Leather

Depending on the size of the wolffish, this skin is usually about 50cm long and between 15-20cm wide. The wolffish is a species that is caught in the fishing regions around Iceland for the food industry. Wolffish skin is light, flexible, thin and the only fish skin without scales. The characteristic structure of wolffish leather has a black dotted pigmentation on the skin, which makes this leather very unique and interesting. It can be processed very well and is produced in many colours, whereby the black-dotted pattern is always preserved. The main field of application is in the fashion industry for luxury and lifestyle products. Wolffish leather is used in lifestyle products such as leather bow ties, belts, watch straps, purses and handbags.

Perch Leather

Depending on the size of the perch, the perch skin can be on average 15-40cm wide, under ideal conditions this fish can even reach over 50cm in width. The perch skin is medium thick and is therefore not as easy to process as the salmon or catfish skin. The scale structure of the perch is larger and has a rough texture. The pigmentation and characteristic wild structure of perch skin is due to the large scales. The leather is produced in many colours and can be intensified with a metallic finish. The main field of application is in the fashion industry for luxury and lifestyle products. Perch leather is used in lifestyle products such as leather bow ties, belts and watch straps.

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