Instructions: innovative-casual

If you want to wear the “OTie” in an innovative-casual way in everyday life and for every occasion, you can attach it to the second top button of your blouse or shirt, for example. When you wear the “OTie” like this, your neck remains free and you can breathe again and feel better! Once you have fastened the “OTie” to the button, you can easily change different coloured bow ties and wear them according to your fashionable outfit.

We have created a video for you in which you will find instructions on how to attach the “OTie” innovative-casual to the second top button of your blouse or shirt. It has never been so easy and comfortable to adapt an exclusive accessory like the bow tie to your individual outfit and to breathe freely!

How you can quickly adapt your new accessory to your outfit, you can find here

For the “innovative-casual” outfit, there are the different versions for women and men, as well as highly polished or unpolished.