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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions – 7OceanTies Online Offer

  1. General

1.1 FashTec GmbH operates its online offer under the registered trademark “7OceanTies”. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the business relationship between the online offer operated by FashTec GmbH and its customers. They are an integral part of any contract concluded between FashTec GmbH and a customer. Subsidiary agreements, assurances or changes to these terms and conditions must be in writing. These terms and conditions apply to the ordering and delivery of standard articles and custom-made items from FashTec GmbH on their «7OceanTies» online offer page.

1.2 The separately listed additional information regarding the terms of delivery, shipping and packaging costs, terms of payment and safety instructions, as well as the statements on data protection and legal notices form an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Conclusion

The customer’s request is made online. Then an offer is made. The offer to conclude a purchase contract lies in the binding sending of a written order confirmation by e-mail. The contract is concluded when FashTec GmbH sends the customer an order or order confirmation by email.

  1. Order changes

The order of the customer is binding for him. After placing the order, the customer can no longer make any order changes.

  1. Delivery

4.1 The delivery of the ordered items is at the expense of the customer. The shipping costs include the packaging costs and are shown on the invoice under shipping.

4.2 Domestic deliveries (Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein) are made on the morning or afternoon or at the contractually agreed delivery time.

4.3 Shipments abroad will be activated at a later date and will be made by hauliers at the option of FashTec GmbH.

4.4 FashTec GmbH is not liable for undeliverable or late delivery of the goods due to incorrect specification of the delivery address by the customer, absence of the recipient or in case of unforeseeable problems in customs clearance.

4.5 The estimated delivery times are only guideline values. For no-fault delivery delays, e.g. Force majeure, traffic congestion, bad weather conditions, unusual, unpredictable detention by the customs authorities etc., FashTec GmbH shall not be liable and shall not entitle the customer to withdraw from the purchase contract or to claim damages.

4.6 Our products are offered online exclusively via the “7OceanTies” website. A sale at the company headquarters does not take place.

4.7 There is no sale or delivery to the US and Canada.

4.8 For the rest, the general terms of delivery and delivery apply on the “7OceanTies” website.

  1. prices

5.1 The prices for the products offered, which are awarded and listed on the day on which the customer places the order, apply. The prices are binding until the order or order confirmation by FashTec GmbH. All prices are – unless otherwise agreed – gross prices in Swiss Francs (including VAT), whereby the VAT is shown separately.

5.2 Price changes due to changes in taxes, fees, taxes or shipping and packaging costs are reserved.

  1. Payment

6.1 The offers on the “7OceanTies” website of FashTec GmbH are to be paid in advance.

6.2 The invoice for advance payment must be made within 5 days from the date of the invoice or order confirmation. Failure to comply with the payment deadline will delay the delivery date automatically and a reminder fee will be charged.

6.3 The ordered goods will be shipped and delivered only after receipt of payment.

6.4 In the event of late payment, FashTec GmbH reserves the right to withhold further deliveries to the customer and to charge a default interest in the amount of 5%.

  1. Control of the goods and complaints

7.1 All FashTec GmbH products are handmade, padded and sewn. Therefore, it may happen that the products will not look 100% identical. The product thus becomes unique and therefore it cannot be guaranteed that the same shape, texture or color of a product can be reproduced. Minor deviations, especially on the pictures of the products shown in the online offer, are therefore to be regarded as “normal”.

7.2 The recipient of the goods undertakes to check these immediately upon receipt for completeness and condition. Any complaints regarding quality or completeness must be communicated to FashTec GmbH in writing immediately, but no later than within 24 hours after delivery, otherwise the delivery shall be deemed accepted.

7.3 FashTec GmbH is not liable for transport damages and damages as a result of improper storage of the goods after acceptance by the customer or his assistants.

  1. Return, exchange and warranty

8.1. Return or exchange of products delivered to the customer completely and undamaged is excluded.

8.2 Warranty claims for defects occurring later must be reported in writing to FashTec GmbH immediately after discovery. A liability of the seller is out of the question if the customer knew or should have known about the defect at the time of purchase. A warranty claim is valid for 24 months, whereby the period begins with the delivery of the purchased product.

  1. Data Protection

9.1 The data required for the transaction will be stored and passed on to the logistics company responsible for the delivery of the contract. Incidentally, stored data with the exception of the credit check and, if necessary, collection of receivables are not forwarded to third-party companies. The data is used exclusively for customer care within FashTec GmbH in Germany or abroad.

9.2 Order-related and other correspondence through FashTec GmbH can be done electronically. It is expressly pointed to the existing in the data transmission by e-mail, not under the influence of FashTec GmbH security risks such as virus transmission, data corruption, data loss or access by third parties. By ordering, the customer allows FashTec GmbH to send documents and other data electronically and also with unencrypted e-mails.

9.3 The content of the FashTec GmbH Online Offer – namely “7OceanTies” – is protected by copyright. The content may not be distributed, published, modified, reused, sent or used for any public or commercial purpose without written permission. FashTec GmbH does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of its web site and excludes all liability for incomplete or incorrect content.

9.4 In addition, we refer to the separate, applicable data protection guidelines of FashTec GmbH on their “7OceanTies” online offer page.

  1. Safety

For safe use of the magnetic closure, the applicable safety instructions on the “7OceanTies” online supply page in German and in English must be observed and adhered to.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

11.1 Exclusively Swiss law is applicable to concluded contracts with the customer.


Last update: November 2018