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Handmade emotions from the ocean

Handmade Emotions from the sea

Lifestyle accessories and leather bow ties for men and women from leather skins of fish.

Unique and inimitable
Handcrafted quality
Easier to

Unique, with great attention to detail

We have created our own new brand “7OceanTies” for our handcrafted leather bow ties and tailored it to our product range. The brand name “7OceanTies” tells the story of the seven seas (7Ocean), which are all connected with each other (Ties). All these waters are also connected by our rivers and lakes. There are many different types of fish living in this global water network.

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Materials from fishing industry

The brand “7OceanTies” specialises in a niche product of the food and fishing industry and uses, among other things, leather skins from fish for its lifestyle accessories. We are currently launching our collection with leathers from salmon, perch, catfish and tilapia. However, it is not impossible that we will expand our collection to other types of fish leather, or include other materials and product innovations in our range.

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Lifestyle products from Paris

The protected fashionable design and refinement of our lifestyle products is preserved by an exceptional traditional expertise since 1895 in Paris, which is dedicated exclusively to handmade leather processing. We have allocated names of flying objects over the sea for the three fashionable designs of our fish leather bow ties.

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